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iOS Tutorial on Enumeration So as we are talking about enumeration in iOS,the first thing comes into mind are Collections such as Arrays , Sets and Dictionaries.Why?? Because we need to enumerate i.e go one by one over the objects contained in the collection objects.For example we have a following array
NSArray *exampleArray = @[@"A",@"B",@"C",@"D"];
For accessing the elements of the array you can follow the standard method of C using For Loops i.e
for (<#initialization#>; <#condition#>; <#increment#>) {         <#statements#>     }
But its best practice to follow the following techniques described.
In Cocoa there are there basic techniques of enumeration
1)Fast Enumeration 2)Block Based Enumeration 3)Using an Enumerator.
Fast EnumerationFast enumeration is the most preferred way of enumerating the collections.
Why?? More efficient.Easy syntax.Doesn't allow to mutate(change) the collection you are trying to enumerate.Perform multi…

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