Monday, 31 October 2011

New Rejoice for Mob.Application Developer.

Hi friends yet another IDE is out for mobile application developers(I-Phone, Blackberry,Android)
Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
Now it seems as if  the java developers have some competition.
Language used to write the application  markup language that Flash Builder uses to design application interfaces.
When you create a Flex mobile project, Flash Builder generates the following files for the project (where ProjectName is the name you give your project in the first step of the wizard):
  • ProjectName.mxml: This is the application file for the project. Typically, you do not add content to the default application file directly.
  • ProjectNameHomeView.mxml: This file represents the initial screen (or view) of the project. Flash Builder places the file in a package called "views."
Now lets see if it brings the boom for the Flex developers...or bane for the Android java developers.

For complete and full documentation for Adobe flash builder check out this link.

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